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Easter At Leonidio

The way that Easter is celebrated at the picturesque Leonidio is unique and outstanding. This particularity results from the numerous flying balloons in the evening of Holy Saturday, which is one of the most spectacular customs in Greece.

On Holy Friday five epitaphs from the parishes set off and end up at the Iroo Square, through a beautiful route in the small streets of Leonidio.

The night of Holy Saturday is a spectacular show of sound and light. Countless balloons are touched off and set free at the sky of Leonidio. At the same time, different types of fireworks complete this spectacular atmosphere.

On Sunday which is the Easterday the Commune set up many spits with lambs in the garden of the City Hall and offers to the visitors appetizers with plenty of wine.

Easter at Leonidio is very famous and plenty of visitors flush the region in order to enjoy this particular experience

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